Bachelor, 3 years

Sports Coaching

Human & Social Sciences
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In brief

A profession with communication, relationships and movement, in which you can share your passion for physical activities.

The strengths of the Bachelor in Sports Coaching

  • A new programme to improve everyone’s well-being!
  • The programme is run jointly by several University Colleges, giving it great diversity in terms of culture, organisation and visions of the profession.
  • Project-based learning.
  • The teaching makes full use of the potential of new and digital technologies.

Good to know

This programme is offered jointly by the University Colleges Francisco Ferrer, Bruxelles-Brabant and Galilée.

About the job

The Sports Coach is a guide to the changes in behaviour needed to help a person achieve their fitness goals. A coach tailors activities both in their physical and mental dimensions to the person. They work with either individuals, groups, or populations, in a sports hall, at home, in public areas or in companies.

The Programme of Study


3 years - 180 credits

The Bachelor in Sports Coaching uses the very latest in teaching techniques throughout its courses. It is therefore different to a traditional programme in which students begin by following a large number of theory classes in block 1 before following more practical courses in blocks 2 and 3.

The programme has 5 strands:

  • The physiological and biomechanical determinants of health and physical condition;
  • Health communication and the relationship with the person whose goal is change;
  • Managing a sports organisation;
  • Coaching in practice;
  • Project management and practice ‘in the field’.

In each of these strands, you’ll follow a series of successive teaching units and undertake an immersion programme of 4 to 6 weeks during which you’ll undertake a real project from start to finish. The project may be an individual or group project and is supervised by a coach.