Advanced Programme, 1 year

Community Health

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Santé communautaire

In brief

The profession of community health specialist combines care, prevention and health education for various populations.

The strengths of the Advanced Bachelor in Community Health

  • Possibility of participating in numerous symposiums and workshops as well as in a range of training sessions (motivational interview, action research, influence of culture on health, etc.) which are organised throughout the programme.

Good to know

  • The Advanced Bachelor in Community Health is accessible to holders of the Bachelor in Nursing, or a Degree in Nursing (gradué) or holding an equivalent foreign qualification.
  • A one-year full-time programme with the possibility of flexible arrangements for students with a professional activity.
  • The programme gives access to the specific professional title of Community Health Nurse.

A career as a Community Health Nurse

The community health nurse investigates real-life situations, identifies the factors affecting health and analyses interdependencies. Their work involves developing, providing, coordinating and evaluating health promotion action in liaison with professionals from a range of disciplines. They use their nursing and public health and community health care skills, in institutions of health and/or community care.

A few examples of their work:

  • Communication (carrying out interviews with individuals or groups, group facilitation, etc.)
  • Empowering the professional and the public
  • · Action-research: conducting surveys to analyse the needs and demands of service users; conducting health checks of the community and/or of its members
  • Primary health care: plan and carry out individual or collective health care interventions; carry out screening/testing, preventive and curative care; participate in the rehabilitation of disabled or sick people
  • Coordinating teams and mediation (liaison)
  • · Education and health promotion: group facilitation and prevention
  • · Management and administration

The Programme of Study


1 year - 60 credits

The programme is divided equally between taught theory and clinical practice.

The theory component is taught through 3 teaching units:

  • Public health
  • Individual psychological, medical and social support
  • Health promotion

In addition to the work placements, the practical approach involves students developing and carrying out of projects in a ‘real context’ and implementing a community health approach to analyse a community in its social, physical and cultural dimensions and carrying out a community health action.