Master, 4 years

Master of Education, Section 3: Germanic Languages

Human & Social Sciences
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In brief

Teach pupils to love and to use languages as a means of communication. Help them discover the richness of other cultures.

The strengths of the AESI Bachelor in German, Dutch and English

  • Language and cultural exchanges in block 1.
  • Cultural visits of socio-linguistic interest.
  • A language study visit in Flanders or abroad in block 3.
  • Provides opportunities for exchange between the different AESI sections leading to the profession of lower secondary teacher. Some of the teaching units bring together all the students from the 6 sections.

Good to know

Language courses are taught in the target language, which implies an adequate proficiency in both Dutch and English. The programme offers intensive refresher classes and language support is provided throughout the duration of the programme.

About the job

Becoming a language teacher (Dutch-English) in primary or secondary education, is to be an envoy for exchange, it is to ensure one’s pupils are open to others through language as a means of communication, through discovering other cultures and universal values.

The skills you’ll develop through this AESI programme will allow you to work in fields other than teaching such as public relations, tourism and cultural activities, development cooperation, banking and insurance, etc.

The Programme of Study


3 years - 180 credits

The programme for future teachers of German, Dutch and English is centred on language proficiency, the didactics of language teaching (Dutch-English), mastery of cultural topics and pedagogy. The specifics of each year’s programme provide a balance between these 4 aspects, ensuring that students develop into independent professionals.

Short duration language study trips in the regions or countries of the target languages are organised and are an integral part of the programme.

Work placements in primary and secondary will give you real opportunities to discover the different facets of being a teacher. They will allow you to learn from the comparison between the theories you have learned and the realities of the profession.