Advanced Programme, 1 year


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In brief

The oncology nurse is trained to work in a constantly evolving field, while ensuring care of the person is placed centre stage.

The strengths of the Advanced Bachelor in Oncology

  • Participation in seminars on enriching care with the mind-body approach, in international conferences and on foreign study visits.
  • The Advanced Bachelor also awards the graduate with a certificate in radiation protection.

Good to know

The Advanced Bachelor is open to holders of Bachelor in Nursing or a Degree in Nursing (gradué) or holding an equivalent foreign qualification.

A one-year full-time programme with the possibility of flexible arrangements to enable students to combine study with a professional activity.

A career as an oncology nurse

The oncology nurse:

  • accompanies the patient throughout their illness in the preventive, curative and palliative phases;

  • works as a conventional hospital context, in out-patient care, or in the home context with adults and children:

  • identifies the needs and expectations of the patient and their relatives, over and above the diversity of treatments and the technicality of the care they entail;

  • detects changes or disruptions in terms of quality of life or psychological disorders, analyses them and, depending on the case, responds or requests the intervention of other professionals;

  • intervenes in patient care and support based on a scientific, ethical and research-based approach

  • answers the questions of the patient and their relatives to promote their independence, support them in their daily lives, and in their well-being at all times;

  • identifies treatment-induced complications and plans the necessary remedial action.

The Programme of Study


1 year - 60 credits

One year of full-time course. Work placements are mandatory.

The Advanced Bachelor in Oncology, including in palliative care, gives access to the specific title of Nurse specialised in Oncology.

The theory part of the programme is composed of seven course modules including a module on palliative care. There are three main subject strands:

  • Profession-relevant sciences
  • Basic and biomedical sciences
  • Human and Social Sciences

Students participate in seminars on enriching care with the mind-body approach, radiotherapy consultations, meetings with nurse liaison advisors, foreign study visits, and conferences etc.