Bachelor, 3 years

Computer Science : Software development

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In brief

A career combining an interest in technology and human contact with a need for creativity, curiosity and a methodological approach.

The strengths of the Bachelor in Computer Science

  • Teaching uses computer-based activities as soon as possible. The theoretical principles are put into practice immediately, and are therefore learnt more effectively.
  • Computer rooms available to students outside of class hours (8h – 19h).
  • A programme with a strong theoretical focus while also developing students independent learning and adaptive skills. With your qualification under your belt, you will easily be able to adapt to the latest technological changes.

Good to know

There is a lack of qualified computer science graduates in Wallonia and Brussels. Our graduates are often offered work while out on work placement.

A Career in Business Informatics

Your Bachelor in Computer Science will open you the door to a wide range of careers, including analyst-developer, data base administrator, web specialist, application integrator, consultant, etc.

As a computer specialist, you’ll be able to work in many different fields, both in the public and private sectors. You may be an employee or self-employed, you may work alone or as part of a team. You’ll be in regular contact with your clients (internal or external) in order to understand their needs. It is a career which is about both relationships and technology.

The Programme of Study


3 years - 180 credits

  1. Block 1

    The fundamentals of computer science: algorithmic programming, mathematical logic, databases, basics of the web, object-oriented programming. Courses are sometimes theoretical but often practical. The course studies the following technologies/languages: Java, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, Linux, etc.

  2. Block 2

    Block 2 is devoted to the analysis of computer systems and the system as a whole: modelling, design, architecture. You’ll study more specialist subjects in block 2 and participate in practical applications of the theory in line with real-world professional situations. You will study programming languages such as Java, Javascript, ANDROÏD, XML, and UML.

  3. Block 3

    You will spend half of your year on work placement, with the other half devoted to a final-year dissertation and to mastering the latest technologies (React, ASP.NET, docker, etc. and themed-courses (Big Data, ethics, security). In this third year you will also be able to follow optional courses including Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), Enterprise resource planning (SAP), and Development using Game Engines (Unity).