A campus at the heart of Brussels


The Ixelles campus is composed of three buildings (Arlon, Wavre and Trèves) each located just a few minutes’ walk from the Bruxelles-Luxembourg railway station.

The Ixelles campus offers all the advantages of Brussels: excellent public transport and plenty of supermarkets, snack bars and restaurants close by. There’s plenty of green space too, where you can take a breather between classes. At rue d’Arlon, the buildings are shared with the Translation Faculty of the University of Saint-Louis- UCLouvain, Brussels.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes taught at Ixelles

Directions to the Ixelles campus


Chaussée de Wavre, 249
WAVRE_249 (WA249)
Rue de Limauge, 14
Rue d’Arlon, 3-5-11,4-6-14
Rue de la Science, 14B
Plan ixelles2

Where to study at Ixelles

  1. The library

    The library

    The library is located on rue d’Arlon. It is shared with the University of Saint Louis Translation Department. You can borrow a wide range of types of resources, including on speech therapy. It is equipped with various work spaces, for individuals and groups.
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  2. Study rooms

    Study rooms

    Several study rooms are available and remain accessible during the opening hours of each building. One study room adjoining the library is reserved for individual study.
  3. Computer rooms

    Computer rooms

    Several computer rooms, at the Arlon and Wavre buildings, are also available to students outside of regular class hours.

Where to unwind at Ixelles

  1. Where to eat?

    Where to eat?

    Each building has a cafeteria where students can find snacks and drinks distributors, as well as microwave ovens. A wide range of eateries for every budget are also available within just a short walk.
  2. Places to relax outside on campus

    Places to relax outside on campus

    You can unwind outside in small groups at a range of places (gardens, terrasses, sports facilities, etc.)
  3. Places to relax outside of campus

    Places to relax outside of campus

    When the weather is good, you can also gather with friends on the lawn of the Place du Luxembourg or on the ‘Dalle du Parlement’ (Esplanade Solidarnosc 1980), where tables and chairs are available to the general public.

Students enjoy a range of benefits

A sports pass gives you access to sports facilities and sports courses at the ULB in Ixelles and at UCLouvain in Louvain-la-Neuve and Woluwe. Don’t wait to check out what’s available!

And why not also join one of HE Vinci’s sports teams? They participate in a number of championships organised by the Association Sportive de l’Enseignement Supérieur (ASEUS). You’ll find all the info you need on the ASEUS website!

Accommodation on the Ixelles campus