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​Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

This training is full. A new one will be organised in December.

More information coming soon.


Anyone willing to acquire basic Machine Learning skills


The objective of the training is to provide tools to build predictive models from a data set.

The focus of the training is on:

* Providing ready to use tools

* The Machine Learning process, from data preparation to model validation


3 days: from 5th to 7th June 2019


Full price: 500 €

Reduced price (Paul Lambin Graduated students): 250 €

Training content:

1. Introduction to machine learning

2. Python for data sciences and machine learning

· Python 101 (data types, control structures)

· NumPy, Pandas and SkiKit-learn libraries

· Data manipulation with Python et Pandas

3. Supervised learning with SciKit-learn

· Regression vs. classification

· Data preparation and analysis

· Classic algorithms (regression, k-nearest neighbors, decision trees, Bayesian classifiers, kernel machine, neural network)

· Model validation and performance measure

· Model optimization

4. Unsupervised learning with Scikit-learn

· Data preparation and scaling

· Dimensionality reduction

· Rule inference and feature extraction

· Unsupervised clustering


* Some programming experience.

* Basic knowledge of descriptive statistics.

* This course will be taught in English.

A prior Python experience is not required.

Information : Cyrielle Thibaut

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